Heating and Cooling Services in Lithia, FL

Countless individuals move to Florida for the sunshine and the breathtaking beaches. However, they may want to get away from the heat and will return home to cool off. When they do so, they want to know their HVAC system is working properly and will keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Cool With Empire can help with this goal.

Cooling a Residence

Our team is trained to handle all types of residential cooling systems. Whether a homeowner has a heat pump or mini-split system, they will diagnose and repair any issue. If a new installation is needed, they can be of help with this as well. The team also works on split and package units, as we understand every home is different and has unique needs.

A refrigerant leak may lead to the system not working properly or it might be a case of the condenser fan motor going bad. Don’t worry. Our technicians will find the problem and fix it.

Our Cooling Services are designed to keep the occupants of the home comfortable. This goes beyond the temperature in the home. If the humidity levels are too high, the home won’t be pleasant. Our technicians understand this and examine all aspects of the system to ensure they are operating properly.

Air Purification

Homeowners in Lithia, FL may head indoors to breathe fresh air. The air outside can be muggy and they want to be cool and comfortable. However, these same individuals may actually breathe dirtier air when they go inside.

The air in homes today is typically dirtier than the air outdoors. Thanks to advances in the construction industry, homes are more airtight than ever before, which means contaminants remain trapped in the home. An air purification system helps to remove these pollutants.

A person may invest in a portable air purifier to clean the air. It makes more sense, however, to purchase a whole house air purifier. Every person in the home can then breathe clean air regardless of where they go in the residence.

Our technicians help clients find the right air purification system for their needs. Talk with the technician today to learn the many benefits of these systems and which system is right for the home.

Duct Cleaning

Many people turn to duct cleaning when they are concerned about their health. Removing pollutants from the home does improve the air quality in the home, which typically leads to an improvement in the health of those who live there. However, it does more than this.

Duct cleaning extends the lifespan of the HVAC unit. It doesn’t need to work as hard to move treated air throughout the home. The airflow will no longer be restricted.

In addition, when our technician completes this task, odors in the home are reduced or eliminated. Often, these odors come from the invisible particles moving through the air. The homeowner cannot see them, so they can’t find the source of the smell and address it.

Heating a House in Lithia

Homeowners in Florida rarely think about the heating systems in their homes. The occupants of the home don’t use them very often, so they put them on the back burner. However, when the system is needed on a cold January night and it doesn’t work, they may regret doing so.

Cool With Empire understands the time may come when a homeowner needs heat in their residence. Our heating services team is trained to install and repair furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and more. Our goal is to keep our customers comfortable in their homes, and these services are only a few of the many ways we accomplish this goal.

Call us today with any heating questions and concerns. We will have a technician come out to examine the system. If any problems are found, they will recommend repairs or advise the homeowner if it is time to replace the unit.

Replacement will be recommended when the system is very old, as new units are more efficient. In addition, if the repairs will be costly, the technician may recommend replacing the unit to help the homeowner save money over the long run. We also put the customer’s needs first when making these recommendations.

Call us today for all of your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. We love to help customers keep their homes at a comfortable temperature while saving them money. All a person needs to do is ask.

About Cool With Empire:

Cool With Empire serves residents in and around the Tampa, Florida area. We have been meeting the needs of homeowners when it comes to their heating, cooling, and air purification needs for over ten years. Customers know we are reliable and provide outstanding service.