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Maintaining a home is a vital part of homeownership. Proper maintenance of various aspects of the home help keep homeowners and their families safe and comfortable. An important part of home maintenance is utilizing the right professionals to help with many of those tasks. Professional HVAC technicians provide a variety of services to help homeowners.


HVAC technicians can help homeowners with their homes’ heating systems. Heating services provide the necessary tools to keep the system running properly and efficiently throughout the cold winter months.


Whether electric or gas, a furnace provides heat to the home by heating the air and then blowing that air through the ductwork of a home. To keep a furnace running safely and efficiently, it should be serviced at least once a year. This service should occur before the system will be used regularly, usually in the fall.

During the service, the furnace will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Any moving parts are lubricated and any worn belts replaced. The technician will also change or clean the filter. If any problems or potential problems are identified, the homeowner will be informed of the repair options available.

If the system has fallen into disrepair or has surpassed its life expectancy, homeowners will have the opportunity to replace that system. The HVAC technician can assist in choosing the right system to meet the needs of the home. In addition, they can provide professional installation of that unit.


Boilers provide heat for a home a bit differently than a typical furnace. The boiler is a system that heats water to provide hot water or steam for heating. This water is distributed throughout the home using radiators, radiant floor systems, or through coils.

Boiler systems should be serviced once a year. In some areas, gas boilers are required by law to be serviced annually due to safety regulations. HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide proper care for a home’s boiler system.

These technicians are able to provide necessary repairs to keep the system running safely and efficiently. When necessary, the technician can offer options to replace the boiler system in the home.

Heat Pump

In Riverview, FL., many homeowners enjoy the benefits of a heat pump. A heat pump is a system that transfers thermal energy. When it is cold, the heat pump will transfer thermal energy from the outside to heat the home. In summer, the heat pump transfers the thermal energy inside the home to help keep it cool.

These systems require regular maintenance to keep them working properly throughout the year. If the system is used for both heating and cooling, the unit should be serviced twice per year. However, if it is only used for heating, one service visit is all that is necessary.

Although these systems provide great benefits for homeowners and reduce energy costs, they don’t last as long as a typical furnace, especially when used to heat and cool the home. Fortunately, an HVAC technician can assist homeowners with replacing their units when the time comes.


Cooling Services provided by HVAC technicians can help homeowners maintain their cooling systems. A properly maintained cooling system ensures a safe and comfortable environment during the hot summer months.

Air Conditioning

Many homes utilize a central air conditioning system. These systems consist of a condenser unit outside and an indoor unit that blows cool air through the ducts of the home. Every year, this system needs to be cleaned and serviced to ensure it works properly throughout the summer.

HVAC technicians provide services to clean the coils of the condenser as well as any filters on the system. The technician will even provide a refill of refrigerant as it gets low. If repairs are needed, these can be performed to ensure proper functionality during the summer.


A mini-split system is similar to central air conditioning in that it uses a condenser outside to cool the refrigerant. However, indoor units can be placed in several areas of the home to provide personalized comfort throughout the home. These systems do not use ducts to cool the home. Instead, there are mini units that are placed in separate zones.

A mini-split system offers more efficiency for homeowners. These units allow only needed areas of the home to be cooled instead of the entire house. HVAC technicians can install these units rather easily in almost any home.

Indoor Air Quality

HVAC technicians can even assist homeowners with improving their indoor air quality. Duct cleaning services and repairs can help minimize the dust and debris blown throughout the home. There are even whole-home purifying systems that can be installed to remove any allergens or dust in the air.

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