HVAC Services in Temple Terrace, FL

Cool with Empire is the number one heating and cooling contractor in Temple Terrace, FL. Call us when you need HVAC services in Temple Terrace, FL, for your home or business. Our team would love to help resolve any issue you are experiencing. 

We offer top quality heating and cooling services in Temple Terrace, FL. Our technicians will handle your HVAC repair, air conditioner maintenance, or furnace replacement quickly and correctly. We work on furnaces, ductless mini split systems, heat pumps, and more. Contact us today and we’ll schedule your appointment. 

Our HVAC Services 

Our technicians undergo training to ensure they can provide a range of HVAC services, so you only have one heating and air company to call when you need help. Let us know when you need an AC installation in Temple Terrace or would like help with furnace maintenance. We take on all jobs with smiles on our faces. Nothing is too big or too small for our outstanding team. Call us today to get on the schedule. 

Air Conditioning Services in Temple Terrace, FL

We are here to help when something goes wrong with your heating and air system in Temple Terrace. This typically happens on one of the hottest days of the year because any problem within the system becomes more apparent under heavy use. Annual AC maintenance can help to prevent these breakdowns, and it is one of several heating and cooling services in Temple Terrace, FL we offer. 

AC Installation

When we visit the home, we may find a new system is needed to resolve the issues you are experiencing. An AC replacement is always the last resort because we want to provide you with the most value for your money. Nevertheless, if an AC installation in Temple Terrace is called for, we can complete the task quickly and easily. With the help of our team, our AC replacement will be up and running in no time. 

AC Repair

Before recommending this replacement, however, we ensure an AC repair in Temple Terrace won’t be enough to resolve the problems you are experiencing. In many cases, the repair will allow the system to continue running efficiently for several years. This is usually the best option. 

AC Maintenance & Tune Ups

The easiest way to avoid the need for an AC repair in Temple Terrace is to have regular maintenance and tune ups completed on the unit. During these visits, our team looks for problems, so they can be corrected before they lead to a complete system breakdown. Call and schedule your AC maintenance or tune up today. We carry out this work for owners of heat pumps regularly and can do the same if you own a ductless mini split system. 

Heating Services in Temple Terrace, FL

While you may not use your furnace in Florida very often, it’s nice to know it is available if the temperature drops outside. Call for regular HVAC services to keep the unit in good working condition, even if it is rarely used. Doing so helps to reduce the risk of needing an HVAC repair. 

Furnace Installation & Replacement

Many people wonder why we offer furnace services, as Florida isn’t known for cold temperatures. However, when the temperature drops drastically outside, our customers appreciate having a furnace in good working order. If you need a furnace installation in Temple Terrace to stay warm on cold nights or believe it is time for a furnace replacement, call us. We’re happy to help with either task. 

Furnace Repair

If you currently have a furnace in the home that is malfunctioning, call us for a furnace repair in Temple Terrace. We’ll find the problem and fix it. Never put off making the call for a furnace repair in Temple Terrace. Doing so could lead to additional damage to the unit and the need for a furnace installation in Temple Terrace. 

Furnace Maintenance & Tune Ups

Furnace maintenance is among the many services we offer today to keep your system in good working order. Many people believe they don’t need to call us for a tune up if they just had our team maintain the system. However, these furnace services differ. Call us today to learn the difference and why we recommend both maintenance and tune up calls. 

Additional HVAC Services in Temple Terrace, FL

  • Thermostats
  • Heat Pump Installation & Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality Services
  • Air Purification Services
  • Vent Cleaning

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