Heating and Cooling Services in Tampa, FL

Individuals who live in Tampa, FL know the importance of a working HVAC system. Temperatures average 90 degrees during the summer months, but temperatures in January average 52 degrees. As a result, every homeowner understands they need a functioning heating and cooling system. Empire Heating and Cooling will ensure they do.

Heating Installations and Repairs

The heating system in a home in Tampa may not be a top priority of the homeowner. As a result, when the thermostat drops on a cold winter night, they may find they are in need of Heating Services right away. Give us a call. Our team will be happy to get the heating unit up and running again.

Our technicians can work on any type of system. Some homes have a heat pump today, but other people rely on a furnace or boiler to keep the residents warm. A technician will come out, examine the system, and determine the best way to restore its functioning.

If the system can be repaired, the technician will handle this task. When a new unit is needed, a Heating Services team will come out to complete the installation quickly and efficiently.

Problems that may arise with one of these systems include water leaks, strange smells, or uneven heat distribution. As these units undergo wear and tear, regular maintenance visits help to reduce the risk of something going wrong. Contact us to learn more about maintenance options.

Cooling Installations and Repairs

However, the main priority when it comes to HVAC systems in Tampa is the cooling system. Nobody wants to be sweltering in the home on a hot and muggy summer day. We are here to help homeowners prevent this from happening.

Repairs need to be completed promptly. A malfunctioning part can do damage to other components in the system. A homeowner should call right away when they notice something is wrong with the cooling system to keep the cost of repairs down.

At times, it makes more sense to replace the unit rather than repair it. The cost of the repair may be more than the unit is worth or the system may need to be upgraded for energy efficiency reasons.

Regardless of why a homeowner chooses to replace their existing unit, they will find they have options. Some owners choose central air conditioning and certain people opt for a heat pump. However, they should not overlook mini-split, split, and package units when making this choice. Our cooling services team will work with the owner to find the right option for the residence.

Ductwork Cleaning

Homeowners may wonder if a duct cleaning would be of benefit to them. Dirty ducts can lead to health issues for the occupants of a home, so this process never hurts. Cleaning the ducts will improve the indoor air quality of the residence.

In addition, cleaning the ductwork allows the HVAC system to work more efficiently. The cleaning process eliminates any dirt and debris in the ductwork. It also removes dead insects, pet dander, and potential mold, among other things.

Call today to set up a duct cleaning. Our technicians will ensure these particles are removed, so the air is clean and fresh. However, duct cleaning is only one way to remove contaminants from the home’s air.

Air Purification

A whole-house air purifier is another option homeowners should consider. The air in the home contains countless pollutants that the occupants breathe in daily. By installing a whole-house air purifier, the homeowner can remove or neutralize these particles.

Many people think the filter on the HVAC system is enough to clean the air. A whole-house air purifier does more than this. It helps to keep the HVAC system clean, allowing it to run more efficiently. It also extends the lifespan of this system. Speak with a technician today to learn more about the benefits of one of these devices.

The whole-house air purifier works in conjunction with the HVAC system. When the system is running, the air purifier runs as well. This means the air is regularly being cleaned for the home’s occupants.

Our team is ready to help homeowners with all of their heating, cooling, and air purification needs. Call us today to set up an appointment. Our goal is to ensure our customers remain comfortable in their own homes and we do everything possible to ensure this is the case.

About Empire Heating and Cooling:

Empire Heating and Cooling brings over ten years of experience to each customer interaction. We serve residents in and around Tampa and strive to meet all of their HVAC and air quality needs. As we are licensed, bonded, and insured, customers know they can allow us into their homes and feel confident when doing so.